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Our state’s not-for-profit PACE organizations are successfully keeping elderly Michiganders in their own homes and communities with quality medical and personal support. Trusted, effective and affordable, PACE is transforming what it means to age in Michigan.

Currently, PACE services are offered by strong, homegrown healthcare partnerships built to serve their neighbors. But now, a Colorado corporation wants to commandeer our state’s older adults for its own profit—and the Michigan Legislature is poised to help them do it.


We must STOP Senate Bill 810 and House Bill 5664.

Let’s put Michigan seniors FIRST by ensuring they are supported by organizations they know and trust. Michigan-based providers are more knowledgeable and accountable here at home, so it’s time to give them more opportunities to grow.

ADD YOUR NAME to a growing list of your neighbors, colleagues and friends, all of whom are telling the Legislature that in our state, we put Michigan seniors, not private profit, first.


✓ YES! I support efforts to put Michigan’s seniors first.

Let’s give our homegrown PACE providers the space they need to expand in our communities by keeping our markets clear, consistent and centered on seniors’ needs. Let’s put a stop to Senate Bill 810 and House Bill 5664.


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